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                       SERIE MN 8000  

The MN 8000 SERIES of MARNORTE have been designed for their instalation in cruise ships, merchant and naval vessels, processing ships, charter yachts, hotels, islands, and estates where fresh water is a necessity. The MN 8000 SERIES of MARNORTE are designed and built for continuous-duty and an operation totally automatic. It comes complete with all equipment and safety features required for normal, safe, and reliable and automatic operation. This even included a complete digital control panel with the following digitals readings: pressures, temperature of sea water, produt flow, quality of produt flow, and state of operation of the MN 8000 unit, it also have a complete alarms panel and check control operation. A small electronic controller automates totally the operation of the unit. The materials used for their manufacture as much as the desing are to the highest technological level, for what the MN 8000 models offers the more high guarantee of quality. Are numerous the special features that convert the MN 8000 SERIES in watermakers excellents.





            MN 8003        36.000 LITERS           1.500 LITERS               30 Kw / h      2.000x1.620x1.500
            MN 8004        48.000 LITERS           2.000 LITERS               30 Kw / h      2.000x1.620x1.500
            MN 8006        70.000 LITERS           3.000 LITERS               30 Kw / h     2.000x1.620x1.500
            MN 8004/2        96.000 LITERS           4.000 LITERS               54 Kw / h    
            MN 8006/2      140.000 LITERS           6.000 LITERS               54 Kw / h    
Test condition with membranes news of sea water : 35.000 p.p.m. S.D.T / 25șC / pH 7 / 55 Bar working pressure. Production ± 15%
  The MN 8000 SERIES are available as standard models and as individual units to be quoted upon customer request in accordance with customer specifications .